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Monte Valonsadero rock-shelters

Castilla y León (Spain)

Natural Environment:

Valonsadero is in the Duero Valley, on the plain at the northern end of Sierra de Cabrejas, opposite Pico Frentes. Crosses by small valleys or gullies at the confluence of the Rivers Duero and Pedrajas, the predominant vegetation is oak woodland (Quercus pyrenaica) and grassland with sandstone outcrops.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Located in the high Meseta of Soria, the site contains post-Palaeolithic Schematic art, which is found both in rock-shelters and in small hollows and caves. The representations at Monte Valonsadero are associated with nearby sites of the same type in neighbouring municipalities, like Prado de Santa Maria in Pedrajas, Cueva Larga and Cueva Grande in Oteruelos, and Peña los Plantíos in Fuentetoba.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

The representations are in 24 rock-shelters in the areas known as Cañada Honda and Nido del Cuervo. Ten of the shelters, containing the most representative art, can be visited along a sign-posted route.

Short Description:

These Schematic paintings were produced with natural red pigments. Human and animal figures are the most frequent, although there are also signs that are difficult to interpret. We can see scenes of animal-herding, hunting, farming work and rituals.


Chalcolithic-Bronze Age.


Type of Site: Rock-Shelter
Adress: c/ Medinacelli 2, 42003 Soria.
Telephone: 975 212 052
Fax: 975 221 289
Website: www.dipsoria.org
E-mail: turismo@dipsoria.com

State/Region: Castilla y León
Province: Soria
Municipality: Soria
Town: Soria
Location: Monte Valonsadero


Shelter of the Monte Valonsadero (Soria) is composed by 34 sets of schematic painting.

It is possible to visit 11 panels included in a guided itinerary.

A Center of Interpretation exists in the recreative zone " La Casa del Guarda ".

Contact and Information:

"La Casa del Guarda"
National road 234, km 357, 42005 Soria
Tlf: 975 215 023

http: // guiadesoria.es/patrimonio/museos-de-soria/862-museo-al-aire-libre-de-valonsadero-soria.html

http: // www.valonsadero.com/monumentos/monumento/monte_valonsadero.html

http: // www.turismosoria.es/que-ver/museos/centro-de-interpretacion-y-cabana-de-valonsadero/

Days of opening to the public:

  • All the year round.
  • Center of Interpretation:

Passion week, weekends, festive and summer (June - September). Of 10 h to 14 h and of 17 h to 20 h.
Closed in San Juan party.

Age restriction:


Types of visits:

  • Free
  • Guided. To consult Telephone: +34 975 215 023


  • Free.

Visitors’ Centre:

A small Visitors’ Centre has information panels and computers to explain different aspects of the geology, fauna and archaeology of Monte Valonsadero. Routes and guided visits can be arranged. A restaurant and café is 50m away.

Nearby cultural destinations:

Soria (10 km)
Numancia (15 km)
Ocenilla Hill-fort (10 km)

Nearby natural destinations:

Laguna Negra (55 km)
Sierras of Urbión and Cebollera (50 km)
Rio Lobos Gorge (66 km)
Sabinares de Calatañazor (35 km)

Accommodation and Restaurants near the site:

Hotel/Restaurante Monte 
Valonsadero s/n
42001 Soria
Tel. 975 180 006

Tourism Office: 
c/ Medinaceli 2
42002 Soria
Tel. 975 212 052

See: www.sorianitelaimaginas.com www.turismocastillayleon.com


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