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El Pozo Rock-Shelters

Murcia (Spain)

Natural Environment:

The Calasparra region is crossed by two nearly parallel lines of mountains, with the Segura Valley between them. There are a series of smaller hills to the south. The area is undulating in general, with many small hills with the Rivers Argos, Quipar and Benamor flowing around them.

The sides of Sierra del Molino fall almost perpendicularly to the River Segura, where El Pozo Rock-Shelter is located. A series of caves of speleological and archaeological interest have formed in this limestone hill side.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Schematic art dated in recent Prehistory in the inland sierras of the Murcia region, on the eastern edge of the south Sub-Meseta.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Schematic Art.

Short Description:

All the schematic paintings in El Pozo group are in red, with the main themes of anthropomorphs and zoomorphic figures. They are distributed in three areas. Panel I is in a shallow rock-shelter, exposed to weathering, and few remains of paint can be seen. It is hard to distinguish them from the natural stains of iron oxide on the limestone wall. The large shelter contains Panels II to IV, about 9m apart from each other on a wall 30m long and 9m deep. The paintings are near floor level, due to the deposition of fluvial sediments which have affected some of the figures in Panel II.

A small cave is next to the large shelter although access is difficult because of the proximity of the river to the rocks, where cliffs have formed. Four schematic figures can be seen a few centimetres above ground level on the black walls of the cave, which have been eroded. Calcite growth has partially covered the paintings, which are dark red.


Neolithic – Copper and Bronze Ages.

Type of Site: Rock-Shelters
Adress: Museo Arqueológico de La Encomienda, Plaza de la Constitución 4, 30420 Calasparra. 
Telephone: 968 745 135
Website: www.regmurcia.com/servlet/s.Sl?sit=a,72,c,522,m,1075&r=CeAP-3839-R_73_DETALLE_REPORTAJES
E-mail: museoencomienda@calasparra.org

State/Region: Murcia
Province: Murcia
Municipality: Calasparra
Town: Calasparra
Location: Sierra del Molino

Information and contact:

  • Calasparra's tourism Office:

Edificio Casa Granero, 30420 CALASPARRA
Telephone: +34 968 745 325 / Fax: +34  968 745 325


  • Museum of the Encomienda

Pza. de la Constitution, s/n. Building La Encomienda 30420 CALASPARRA
Telephone: +34 968 745 135 / Fax:+34  968 745 325 

http: // www.calasparra.org

https: // www.murciaturistica.es/es/arte_rupestre_detalle/abrigos-del-pozo-4481/

https: // www.murciaturistica.es/es/museo/museo-arqueologico-la-encomienda-8/

Days of opening to the public:

  • All days, except on Sundays and Mondays.


  • Tuesday to Saturday of 9.00 h to 14.00h.
  • 1 º and 3 º  Sundays of every month  10.30 h to 13.30 h.

Age estrictions:

  • Not.

Type of visits:

  • Guided.

Duration of the guided tour:

  • 40 minutes.

 Group visits:

To contact whit the Museum by phone (+34 645 157 458). The visits in group  will be guided by the Museum archaeologist.

Daily quota:

  • Two groups, 60 persons


  • General price: 1 Euro.

Calasparra´s Archaeological museum.

Workshops and activities:
Yes. (Book in advance)



  • General price: 1.00 €.

Visitors’ Centre:

Encomienda Archaeological Museum is in the old town of Calasparra. Ask for Information.

Nearby cultural destinations:

Villa Vieja Islamic site (3km). 
Rice Museum in Calasparra. 
Emilio Pérez Piñero Foundation (Calasparra).

Nearby natural destinations:

Virgen de la Esperanza Shrine (5 km). 
Cuerva del Puerto (12 km). 
Descent of the River Segura (12 km).

Accommodation near the site:

Casa Torre Olivarejo. Hotel Hostería La Merced.
Ubicada a 3 km de Calasparra. Carretera del matadero viejo. Calasparra
Tel/Fax: 968 433 587, 661 854 155
e-mail: casatorreelolivarejo.com

Hospedería La Constitución
Plaza de la Constitución, 10
30420 Calasparra
Tel/Fax: 968 720 801
Website: www.hotelconstitucióncalasparra.es
e-mail: recepción hotelconstitucióncalasparra.es

Hotel Argos
Carretera Caravaca-Calasparra, km. 10.800
Tel/Fax : 968 720 707
e-mail: hotelargos@hotmail.com

Restaurants near the site:

Restaurante Centro
Avda Juan Ramón Jiménez, nº 11
30420 – Calasparra
Tel: 968 720 209
Website: http://restcentro.restaurantesok.com

Restaurante Santuario Virgen de la Esperanza
Paraje Santuario. Calasparra
Tel: 968 720 412
Website: http://virgendelaesperanza.restaurantesok.com

Bar/restaurante Cantero
Avda. Primero de Mayo, 23
30420 Calasparra
Tel: 968 745 104

Restaurante Pólvora
C/ Carretera Santuario. Calasparra
Tel: 968 433 993

Souvenir and Craft shops:

Souvenir Shop at Virgen de la Esperanza Shrine, next to the Hermitage.

Virgen de la Esperanza Rice Cooperative, Avda. Juan Ramón Jiménez.

Villa Vieja Cheese Factory (2 km).


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