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Duratón ravine Rock-Shelters

Castilla y León (Spain)

Natural Environment:

This large area of ravines, gorges and cliffs carved by the River Duratón in Mesozoic limestone is a Natural Park. The predominant vegetation is juniper on the crags and woodland along the river. It is a paradise for birds of prey, with griffon and Egyptian vultures, together with falcons, buzzards and kestrels.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Duratón Ravine has been occupied by humans at different times: Bronze Age rock art; Roman bridges and roads, small Visigoth shrines and Romanesque churches like San Frutos. In the modern age at the Convent of our Lady of Ángeles de la Hoz, now in ruins.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Rock art on cliffs with difficult access.

Short Description:

A series of rock paintings along the cliffs in Duratón Ravine, situated in rock-shelters or small caves. Red is used in Schematic or semi-naturalistic figures, representing anthropomorphs, signs and animals.


Neolithic / Bronze Age

Type of Site: Rock-Shelters
Adress: c/ Conde de Sepúlveda 30, Sepúlveda, Segovia.
Telephone: 921 540 586

State/Region: Castilla y León
Province: Segovia
Town: Villaseca, Sepúlveda, Carrascal del Río, Sebúlcor and Burgomillodo.
Location: Duratón Ravine

There are about thirty  locations with schematic art located in the Nature reserve of the hoces of Duratón River. (Sepúlveda-Segovia).

Contact and information: 
Office of Sepúlveda's Tourism.
In the office of Sepúlveda's Tourism (C/San Justo y  Pastor N º 8; Museum of the Jurisdictions) we can find out on the best way of knowing the rock art of this impressive place,  crossing trouht the paths marked with beacons of the park, or contracting a visit guided with someone of the companies of active tourism that operate in the zone.
+34 921 540 425


http: // www.turismosepulveda.es
http: // www.patrimonionatural.org/espacios-naturales/parque-natural/parque-natural-hoces-del-duraton

Opening Times:

Visitors’ Centre:

The Centre is in the renovated Church of Santiago, in Sepúlveda. An exhibition shows an imaginary route through the park and introduces visitors to natural and cultural aspects of the area, with audiovisual presentations and specialised monitors in the reception hall.

Nearby cultural destinations:

San Frutos Hermitage. 
Historical town of Sepúlveda (2 km). 
Los Enebralejos Cave (22 km).

Nearby natural destinations:

Riofrío de Riaza Beech-wood (30 km).

Accommodation and Restaurants near the site:

There is a large offer in Sepúlveda.
See: www.turismocastillayleon.com www.segoviaturismo.es


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