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Cantos de La Visera rock-shelters I and II

Murcia (Spain)

Natural Environment:

The site is on Jumilla-Yecla Plateau, a plain 700m above sea level, with a few mountains, of which the largest is Monte Arabi.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Monte Arabi is in the north of the region, in an area on the boundaries of Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia and Murcia, and the local Prehistory, especially from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, should be understood in those terms.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

At Monte Arabi, as well as the rock-shelters of Cantos de la Visera and Cueva del Mediodía, there is the fortified settlement of El Arabilejo, dated in the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) and areas of rock engravings (cup-marks) associated with the settlement, forming a prehistoric complex of the first order within the context of the Spanish Levant.

Short Description:

Levantine Rock Art. Cantos de la Visera I:
Over 30 representations of large herbivores, especially horses and bovines.

Cantos de la Visera II: 
It contains more figures than the first site, as some 70 motifs include bovines, horses, deer and ibex. There are also schematic animals that appear to be associated with human figures. The paintings are of an outstanding quality and very realistic. They vary in size and in their shades of colour, between red and black.


Epipalaeolithic - Neolithic.

Type of Site: Rock-Shelters
Adress: Museo Arqueológico Municipal “Cayetano de Mergelina”. Casa Municipal de Cultura, C/ España 37, Yecla 
Telephone: 968 790 901
Fax: 968 752 893
Website: www.yecla.com/cultura/arabi/index.html
E-mail: casacultura.yecla@gmail.com

State/Region: Murcia
Province: Murcia
Municipality: Yecla
Town: Yecla
Location: Monte Arabi

Information and contact:

  • Archaeological museum of Cayetano Mergelina(Yecla)

Ortega´s Family Palace
C/España, 37
+34 968 79 09 01



  • Tuesday to Sundays, free entry from 10:00 h. to 14:00 h. 
  • Tuesday to Sundays, guides' service for groups (maximum 25 people) 
  • Tuesday to Sundays, guides' service for concerted groups between  10 and 25 people. Booking and information from Monday until Friday from 9 to 13 hours. Telephone +34 968 79 09 01.

During AUGUST the schedule of visits will be from Tuesday until Sunday of 10:00 to 14:00 hours, remaining closed during the week  between(among 14th and 20th of the mentioned month.

The visit to the Canto de Visera I-II (Monte Arabí),  will need the presence of a guide. The guides' services are offered to groups of a minimum of 15 and one maximum of 25 people, and they should be concerted   48 hours before.

Age restriction:

Type of visits:

Duration of the guide visit:
90 minutes.

Maximum  people for group:
25 persons.

1,50 € the visit guided to the shelters. (There are special prices if the Museum and the shelters want to be seen together.)

Telephonic contact: + 34 968 79 09 01 (Monday to Friday, from 11 to 13h.

Early sale:

Visitors’ Centre:

The Municipal Archaeological Museum has rooms with photographs and copies of the paintings at Monte Arabi, and reproductions of the engravings and cup-marks. It also has a large collection of Iberian statues from the Iberian Shrine at Cerro de los Santos, dated in the 5th - 3rd centuries BC, and marbles, stuccoes and mosaics from the Roman Villa at Los Torrejones (1st - 4th centuries AD) and 13th century Islamic domestic goods, from a hoard found in one of the houses in the medina associated with hisn Yakka.

Nearby cultural destinations:

In Yecla, Church of San Francisco, Basilica of La Purisima, Main Square, Parish of the Assumption, Yecla Castle, Islamic town. 
Roman villa at Los Torrejones (4km).

Nearby natural destinations:

Yecla Steppe, Sierra de Salinas and Sierra del Serral.

Accommodation near the site:

Hostal Avenida
San Pascual, 3
Tel: 968 75 12 16

Hostal La Paz
Avda. de la Paz, 180
Tel: 968 75 13 50

Fuente del Pinar Youth Hostel
Local road A-14; km. 3.300
Tel: 670264962

Restaurants near the site:

San Pascual, 5
Tel: 968 75 12 15

Esperanza, 2
Tel: 968 79 47 77

Club de Tenis
Ctra. Fuente Álamo Km 2
Tel: 968 79 25 02

El Mesón de María
Alcalde Pacheco, 1
Tel: 968 79 27 53

La Barrica
C/ Alfarería, 7
Tel: 968 75 21 26

Souvenir and Craft shops:

The new Wine Route. 
See: www.rutadelvinoyecla.com

UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site


Engravings Museum Visitor Centre Reception Centre for Visitors Car Park Parking for buses Access for the disabled






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